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General Intelligence (2024)

2024-06-03 21:01:47

Folks in the field of AI like to make predictions for AGI. I have thoughts, and I’ve always wanted to write them down. Let’s do that. Since this isn’t something I’ve touched on in the past, I’ll start by doing my best to define what I mean by “general intelligence”: a generally intelligent entity is...


2024-05-15 06:28:37

I’m very pleased to show the world GPT-4o. I came into the project mid-last year with Alexis Conneau with the goal of scaling up speech models and building an “AudioLM”. We knew we had something special late last year, but I don’t think either of us imagined that we’d able to pull off something as...

Research Code

2024-03-17 00:08:19

At my job, I’m currently in a cycle that is involving working with software engineers quite a bit. One thing that has happened a number of times is that a software engineer will bring up “research code” with a condescending tone. The implication is that research code is messy, unreadable, and difficult to maintain. I...

Learned Structures

2024-03-03 15:13:53

From 2019-2021, I was fascinated with neural network architectures. I think a lot of researchers in the field were at the time. The transformer paper had been out for a little while and it was starting to sink in how transformational it was going to be. The general question in the air was: what other...


2024-01-07 01:45:31

Google has a neat internal website called “Rules of Thumb”, which compares the marginal cost of computational resources to the unit of a “SWE”. “SWE” refers to “Software Engineer” – which itself is the marginal cost to pay salary and benefits to the average engineer at the company. Throughout design docs at the company, you’ll...

Compute Multipliers

2023-11-06 07:59:03

I’ve listened to a couple of interviews with Dario Amodei, CEO of Anthropic, this year. In both of them, he dropped the term “compute multiplier” a few times. This concept is exceptionally important in the field of ML, and I don’t see it talked about enough. In this post, I’m going to attempt to explain...

Is the Reversal Curse a generalization problem?

2023-10-19 11:11:57

In my last post, I made a claim that the recently discovered reversal curse is not something that worries me. In fact, when I originally learned of it, I can’t say I was very surprised. In this post, I wanted to dig into that a little bit more. My hypothesis is that the reversal curse...

The State of ML in 2023

2023-10-08 10:37:02

I’ve been trying to figure out how to best write this article for most of the last year. Today, I’ve decided to just write down something, rather than continue trying to wordsmith exactly what I mean. I am tremendously excited by everything that is going on in ML right now. The breadth of the problem...


2023-09-24 12:13:17

We released DALL-E 3 this week. It has been a labor of love for Aditya, Gabe and myself for a little over a year. It really is an impressive machine we have built. It continues to surprise me every day, despite having worked on it for so long. I’m extremely grateful to my fellow authors...

ICML 2023

2023-07-19 12:55:17

I’ve met quite a few amazing people through this blog, most of which I’ve only had the chance to trade e-mails with. I’m attending ICML next week and would love to grab a coffee or beer with any of you. Shoot me an e-mail if interested. jbetker -at- gmail.