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The Riddle of Ambition

2024-04-18 14:04:27

Focus on the challenge, and not its byproducts.

The Riddle of Happiness

2024-03-27 06:30:58

Its very pursuit is the cause of its dissolution.

Be Kind, But Keep Your Integrity

2024-03-06 07:44:49

Even the greatest virtues require caution.

The Unity of the Political Animal

2024-02-28 08:50:47

When conviction and compassion can coexist, a brighter future is possible.

The Thin Line Between Delight and Doubt

2024-02-14 07:46:56

The more you oscillate between the two, the more meaning you derive.

The Three Foundational Questions

2024-02-07 07:36:09

All of contemplative thought is grounded in these simple inquiries.

The Questioning Mind Is Most Alive

2024-01-24 13:08:27

Inquiry is the gateway to understanding.

The Labor of Inspiration

2024-01-17 06:54:51

There's both magic and dedication within the anatomy of inspiration.

Fear Is a Framing Problem

2024-01-03 10:42:36

When the doors to the past and future are closed, fear has no place to wander within the halls of your mind.

The Embrace of Agency

2023-12-06 04:56:22

Your identity is constructed the moment you decide to embody it.