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Custom Domain Email with Apple Mail

2024-04-30 13:15:44

One of the lesser known features of iCloud Plus (Paid iCloud plans) is to manager email inside Apple Mail. If you pay for iCloud storage which stats at 50GB a month or  1.5 Aud a month, you get iCloud plus.  iCloud+ with custom email domain allows 5 custom domains connected per person in the family […]

Soulver : People who think with Numbers

2024-04-29 15:42:02

Today I am focussing on one of the my most used apps on Mac and recently it has also launched on iPhone. The app is Soulver. As the developers say its Notepad meets Calculator. When you open the app there is a blank sheet and you can write your queries and it has a side […]

Critical Apps and Service 2024

2024-01-16 15:07:20

Periodically while browsing a third party app, I sometimes wonder what is my alternatives if this service goes away tomorrow. The likely event of that happening is low but it’s a great thought exercise. I have recently listed all my Default apps 2024 which has tons of default services that comes with all Apple devices. […]

RSS is the Best Way to Consume News and Blogs

2024-01-13 07:47:28

These last few months have not been endearing for people who consume news on a daily basics. With the news breaking that Substack has a Nazi problem, and Artifact shutting down at the end of Feb. It begs the question what is the best way to consumer news.  What is even RSS by the way? […]

Building an Apple TV Library at Expense of Streaming Services

2024-01-10 17:20:31

I was travelling in April 2022 and had a long flight home to Sydney Australia. The Day before I travel, I had the urge to download Rush and watch it again. At that time, I was subscribed to just about all the streaming services in Australia. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I was not […]

Default Apps 2024

2024-01-09 17:07:42

Inspired by Hemisphere Views 097 – Duel of the Defaults this is my default apps from early 2024. 1. Mail Client = Apple Mail 2. Mail Server = iCloud with 3 custom domain.  3. Notes = Apple Notes 4. To-Do = Apple Reminders 5. iPhone Photo Shooting = iOS Camera 6. Photo Management = Apple Photos […]

Why WordPress Dot Com

2024-01-09 16:37:03

I have always wanted to create a blog, Not for any particular reason but the thought of having a place for myself where I write on some topics has always interested me. Thats why when in early 2024 when I considered starting this blog, I looked around and then finalised on WordPress.com from Automatic. There […]