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What Future Problems Matter?

2024-04-18 20:00:58

Some short-term and long-term problems don't matter. Others matter a great deal more than we worry about them. What makes a problem important?

Stories vs Systems

2024-04-14 20:01:35

How humans consistently miss the forest for the trees

Why Is Bangladesh so Dense and so Threatened by Sea Level Rise?

2024-04-07 20:00:45

One fact explains both

The Rain Shadow Effect

2024-04-04 20:02:13

What's happening here? How can you use that to predict where there will be deserts next to rainforests?


2024-03-31 20:02:07

In the list of weird city placements in the US, Atlanta seems to be up there. How is it the 8th most populous metropolitan area in the US, when it’s not on the sea, it only has a small river, it’s not on a fall line, and even according to its founders, it was in the middle of nowhere?

Why Is Texas Mainly a Triangle?

2024-03-29 04:25:21

Most Texan people end economic activity are concentrated in a triangle. Why?

Game Theory of Sex Update | Q1 2024

2024-03-21 21:00:52

Why men don't approach women? Why women become feminist? The influence of waists. And more!

Energy, Environment, Aging, and News Update

2024-03-19 22:17:12

Q1 2024

GeoHistory Update | Q1 2024

2024-03-16 21:00:56

Today: California updates, How big are cities, Kilometric buildings, How the Panama and Suez canals changed the world’s shipping, Ancient civilizations in the Amazon, What happened when Poles took over Prussia, The flaw in settler colonialism, The evolutionary underpinnings of the uncanny valley, and more

How to Become a Communication Wizard

2024-03-14 21:01:42

Take my course to become a world-class communicator in meetings, presentations, pitches, articles, speeches, and social media

AI and the Future of Work

2024-03-12 02:33:01

This woman will replace you

Everything Else You Want to Know about SO2 Injection

2024-03-07 21:14:03

Are there better options than SO2? How Does SO2 Reduce Temperatures? Who owns the stratosphere? Why might reducing sunlight increase plant growth? And much more.

How You Can Easily Delay Climate Change Today: SO2 Injection

2024-03-05 19:30:01

I used to feel powerless about climate change. Then I learned about this, and now I feel confident we can delay it at any time.

Poland’s Priorities Today

2024-02-29 21:02:08

And Why It Approved Europe's First Constitution

The Ghost of Poland’s Past

2024-02-27 21:18:23

Widać Zabory!

🌎 Why Is California the Way It Is?

2024-02-22 22:08:27

Why is Sacramento the capital? Why is SF positioned where it is? Why is San Jose bigger? Why did LA emerge to become the biggest city in the region? Why is the Central Valley so productive?

Add a Social Network to Your Offline Event to Make It More Fun and Help People Meet

2024-02-19 17:00:57

New event, you don't know anybody. Who are you supposed to talk to? What are you supposed to talk about? How long will you talk about the weather and Elon Musk before you hit on a more interesting topic?

The Fight for the Remote Worker

2024-02-17 01:58:57

There are over 100M remote workers ready to move to your country. What are you doing to attract them, politicians?

Cities Are Blurring

2024-02-13 05:56:37

And How Cities Are Like Offices

Why Is Madrid the Capital of Spain?

2024-02-07 21:00:47

And how did it grow from a backwater to a global capital?