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The World Press Photo Contest Documents War, Migration, and Devastation

2024-04-19 13:56:40

From Israel’s war in Gaza to rapidly warming global temperature, the last year has seen incredible devastation around the globe.

Speedometer 3.0: The Best Way Yet to Measure Browser Performance

2024-04-19 13:54:04

Apple’s WebKit team is excited to introduce Speedometer 3.0, a major update that better reflects the Web of today.

Anchor Position Tool

2024-04-19 13:52:55

A Chrome Canary demo of the new CSS anchor positioning features.

Sliding 3D Image Frames In CSS

2024-04-19 12:55:35

Creating 3D effects in CSS isn’t an entirely new concept, but typical approaches use additional elements in the markup.

Introducing Meta Llama 3: The most capable openly available LLM to date

2024-04-19 12:54:51

Today, we’re introducing Meta Llama 3, the next generation of our state-of-the-art open source large language model.

Steering the future: a new vision for car UX

2024-04-18 19:16:25

A few words and ideas on how to make the user experience within car interfaces better.

DevTools Tips & Tricks

2024-04-18 19:14:43

Front-end developers spend a significant amount of time working inside the browser’s DevTools.

Modern CSS patterns in Campfire

2024-04-18 19:13:41

An in-depth look at how 37signals built ONCE/Campfire using modern features, vanilla CSS, and no frameworks or preprocessors.


2024-04-18 19:13:06

The missing web features of iOS.

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

2024-04-18 19:12:39

How one crew risked radiation, storms, and currents to save Japan from digital isolation.

Logo System: Explore 400+ logo designs

2024-04-17 20:10:37

Get inspired by exploring this library of real and fictional logos.

Working on the BCWA new identity

2024-04-17 20:09:24

Case study for a weighlifting logo redesign.

How to design giant robots in shooters

2024-04-17 20:07:24

A comprehensive War Robots retrospective.

Case Study: 84—24

2024-04-17 20:05:47

A look into the making of 84—24. The tale of restoring an ’80s timeless classic.

Flip Through More than 5,000 Pages of This Sprawling 19th-Century Atlas

2024-04-17 20:02:18

At more than 5,000 pages in its entirety, Lorenz Oken’s atlas depicts known species ranging from insects and fish to birds and plants.

Mario meets Pareto

2024-04-16 19:31:49

Discover how to find the best Mario Kart 8 build using the Pareto frontier method.


2024-04-16 19:27:16

A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces.

Blog Posts, Sorted by Sleep

2024-04-16 19:26:50

Have you ever examined the correlation between your writing behavior and sleep?

What if you had real control over Dark Mode on a per-site basis?

2024-04-16 19:23:09

Dark Mode Toggle Buttons should be a browser feature.

Folding the DOM

2024-04-16 19:18:19

In this post, we’ll explore a technique we can use to “fold” a DOM node, like folding a letter in real-life.