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A clinical professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, public speaker, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur.

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Second Mouse.AI

2024-06-14 23:41:00

As stupid as Apple’s Vision Pro is, Apple Intelligence is that … intelligent. Innovation Is Overrated Specifically, disruptive innovation — the kind that marks a “before” and “after” in our lives — is terrible for shareholder value. Some innovators that changed our lives: Seattle Computer Products Xerox PARC Grid Palm Netscape Friendster Blackberry Alta Vista […]

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2024-06-07 22:48:22

Throughout human history, if we had access to more than we needed, we kept the excess to survive in leaner times. Having surplus items also signaled wealth and desirability as a mate, and key rituals often depended on precious items being stored safely. Our ability to store crops was key to developing an agricultural economy. […]

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2024-06-01 00:31:54

To: Grads From: Prof G Subject: You got this America, and the Western alliance it leads, is dysfunctional. It’s also less dysfunctional than any other society. Why? America’s alchemy of individualism, rights, education, innovation, capital, diversity, entrepreneurship and generosity creates a substance found elsewhere but not at this potency. I spend a great deal of […]

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2024-05-25 00:16:36

Note: This newsletter is not investment advice. Five years ago, Nvidia was a second-tier semiconductor company known for giving Call of Duty better resolution. Today it’s the third-most-valuable company on Earth, with a dominant 80% share in AI chips, the processers underpinning the largest, fastest creation of value in history ($8 trillion). Since fellow AI […]

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Earners vs Owners

2024-05-18 01:11:41

Over the past several decades, America has waged a covert war against the young. One front in this war is our income tax system, which favors Owners over Earners. Young people are almost all Earners, while Owners are typically older, and the tax code is a wealth-transfer vehicle for Owners to garner a greater share […]

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Big Energy

2024-05-10 23:44:13

Einstein defined the 20th century with the revelation that mass is a form of energy. Today’s theoretical physics posits something more fundamental: Mass and energy are all information. The 21st century will be defined by the recognition that the most powerful form of energy is the manipulation of information: compute. The companies that control compute […]

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2024-05-03 23:49:57

For any species to endure, it must find reward in two things: sex and conflict. The importance of the sex drive is obvious. But if we’re not wired for conflict, we’ll meet the same fate as if we never reproduced. Evolution is a competition for resources, and conflict is inevitable. The ecosystem isn’t much concerned […]

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2024-04-26 23:45:24

For years, we’ve been making predictions. The objective isn’t only to be right more than we’re wrong, but to catalyze a productive dialog that might shape better outcomes. If you get most/all your predictions right, you’re not predicting … you’re stating the obvious. Also, predicting societal ills, or worse, can highlight a threat and inspire […]

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War on the Young

2024-04-20 00:42:54

This week I spoke at TED2024, the iconic program’s 40th anniversary event. I joined RuPaul, Kesha, and two different astrophysicists on the stage in Vancouver. I was given 15 minutes, and took 17, to riffle through 47 slides articulating what I believe is the greatest challenge facing the U.S. It’s not inequality, climate change, or […]

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Think Slow

2024-04-12 23:44:21

Daniel Kahneman, who died last month, leaves an extraordinary intellectual legacy. Few people have unpacked our behaviors with greater insight than Kahneman and his longtime collaborator, Amos Tversky. In the wake of his passing, we’ve been reflecting on the many ways his work has shaped our thinking. Something I wish I’d figured out when I […]

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