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An Infrastructure Engineer at Heureka Group. I am up for most sports, however running and climbing have been my top choices as of late.

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Pen and Paper

2024-02-14 18:11:21

Finally, it clicked for me.

Free software licenses; A longer-term thought

2023-12-02 18:11:21

What does Free actually mean, and to whom?

My default apps - fall 2023

2023-11-09 00:25:21

Joining in on the list, here are my default apps at the end of 2023.

Switched to SvelteKit

2023-10-10 01:29:29

Why switch when the old thing worked just fine?

Abstracting the terminal from the OS

2023-09-04 14:00:00

How I use tmux to make my work environment portable between operating systems and desktop environments.

Don't self-host everything

2023-08-02 03:29:29

Self-hosting Free, open-source software isn't just sunshine and roses. Not for you, or the developers of the software.

Quick Grafana variable template tips

2023-06-26 00:13:29

If you extensively work with Grafana dashboards, you might need these sooner or later.

Sane Linux Desktop

2023-06-21 03:29:29

Let's look at the Linux desktop from a pragmatic, daily-use point of view.

Running Gitlab simultaneously on two domains

2022-11-24 22:11:21

Need to transition your Gitlab instance to another domain while keeping the former domain alive? Read on!

Tailscale - the magic mesh overlay network

2022-11-04 02:12:21

Tailscale, it's pros, cons and how it has managed to save me time and effort.

Open-Source Summit EU 2022 - what have you missed?

2022-09-20 22:12:21

Interesting bits and notes from the 2022 Open Source Summit.

Dealing with a Google Kubernetes Engine Cluster Outage

2022-03-31 15:25:21

Also known as: "How we managed to badly misconfigure OPA Gatekeeper"

Safe rm -rf *

2022-03-17 02:12:21

Like using the rm -rf command but deleted some stuff on accident based on shell history before? I think I might have found a way to avoid that.

Workplace ergonomics - Revisited

2022-03-01 02:12:21

A deeper dive into the office work ergonomics.

Workplace ergonomics

2021-09-26 02:12:21

My journey of finding the perfect tools to make my work environment as ergonomic as possible.

Password managers - Bitwarden vs pass vs KeepassXC

2020-12-27 00:29:29

All great password managers; which one of them takes the crown?