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What we gain by recognising the role of chance in life

2024-05-23 18:00:00


Appreciating the world is random can foster perseverance, gratitude for our own luck and empathy for the plight of others

- by Mark R Rank

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You are your body: here’s how to feel more at home in it

2024-05-22 18:00:00


Just because you live in a body, doesn’t mean you feel at one with it. Embodiment psychology can help you reconnect

- by Elna Schütz

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How babies’ and children’s temperament varies around the world

2024-05-21 18:00:00

A young child passenger sits on the front of a motor scooter, with an older male rider partly visible behind. The rider has tattooed arms and a sign on the scooter reads ‘Thailand’

International research reveals intriguing regional differences in temperament – the infant precursor to adult personality

- by Matt Huston

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So-called ‘SMART goals’ are a case of style over substance

2024-05-20 18:00:00


From fitness to finance, the SMART goal-setting method is ubiquitous, but often detrimental. There are better approaches

- by Christian Swann

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A month of single frames

2024-05-17 18:01:00

‘I am overwhelmed by simplicity. There is so much to see.’ Barbara Hammer documents a month of exquisite solitude on 16mm film

- by Psyche Film

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What films and literature reveal about the voice in your head

2024-05-16 18:00:00

A young couple in handcuffs lean against a 1950s police car beneath a brooding prairie sky

Inner speech is mysterious and hard to study. But movie voiceovers and introspective novels offer fresh ways to understand it

- by Shayla Love

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How to cope with climate anxiety

2024-05-15 18:00:00

It’s normal to feel troubled by the climate crisis. These practices can help keep your response manageable and constructive

- by Lucia Tecuta

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The important link between eating disorders and past trauma

2024-05-14 18:00:00


For someone who’s endured trauma, an eating disorder might be one of the aftereffects. That should inform their recovery

- by Giulia Suro

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Everything I know about flirting, I learned from the Cold War

2024-05-13 18:00:00


The rewards of flirtation go beyond sex or romance. But, as in other exchanges, you have to know where the red line is

- by Youngbin Yoon

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The Scottish play

2024-05-10 18:01:00

Fainting spells, stitches, a misplaced sword… Tragedy plus time equals comedy in this tale of a cursed Macbeth performance

- by Psyche Film

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What I wish more people knew about deadly allergic reactions

2024-05-09 18:00:00

A child is offering a plate of homemade cookies

Living with a deadly food allergy, I’ve discovered staying safe involves navigating other people’s doubts and expectations

- by Hannah Waldfogel

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Eight ways to give yourself a pep talk when you feel stuck

2024-05-08 18:00:00

A woman looking anxious on a subway train

All of us could do with more words of encouragement and perspective, and they don’t need to come from another person

- by Rachel Goldsmith Turow

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You can want things you don’t like and like things you don’t want

2024-05-07 18:00:00

A woman sits at a cafe at night with a beer and a cigarette

The distinct neurochemistry of wanting and liking is helping to make sense of addiction – and more everyday behaviours

- by Shayla Love

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The shadows cast by childhood abuse and neglect are not the same

2024-05-06 18:00:00

a frightened child whose face is partially obscured peers down from by a play area structure

Unravelling the pathways from different forms of childhood maltreatment to mental illness could lead to better treatments

- by Anne Alkema & Marco Boks

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Blush: an extraordinary voyage

2024-05-03 18:01:00

Animated in glittering clay, Fatu’s first time wearing makeup in public is a journey into the deep unknown of outer space

- by Psyche Film

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How ‘feelings about thinking’ help us navigate our world

2024-05-02 18:00:00


The pleasant feeling of knowing, the frustration of forgetting, and other ‘metacognitive feelings’ serve as unsung guides

- by Pablo Fernandez Velasco & Slawa Loev

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How to use cooking as a form of therapy

2024-05-01 18:00:00

No matter your culinary skills, spend some reflective time in the kitchen to nourish and renew your sense of self

- by Charlotte Hastings

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Is it better to live in ‘clock time’ or ‘event time’?

2024-04-30 18:00:00


Do you stick to a set schedule, or have a looser relationship to the clock? It can affect more than how you plan your day

- by Shayla Love

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I learned to hear the music of Earth’s underwater musicians

2024-04-29 18:00:00

Three humpback whales viewed underwater

If we consider the sounds of whales and other organisms with an open mind, we find a strange beauty – and can even join in

- by David Rothenberg

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The hangman at home

2024-04-26 18:01:00

Voyeuristic vignettes capture private moments behind closed doors, in this animated adaptation of a century-old poem

- by Psyche Film

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