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What If…? – An Immersive Story Will Debut May 30th

2024-05-23 02:24:17

Source: Disney+. Earlier this month, I linked to What If…? – An Immersive Story, which Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive developed for Disney+. The project is an Apple Vision Pro exclusive for which there were few details originally. Now, however, we have a trailer and a launch date. What If…? – An Immersive Story will […]

Magic Rays of Light: Apple TV Wishes Past, Trying, and Sugar

2024-05-23 01:04:27

This week on Magic Rays of Light, Sigmund and Devon highlight the return of Trying, recap the first season of Sugar, and revisit their 2023 WWDC hopes to see what came true and what remains on the wishlist. Show Notes Opening Chat Sigmund’s Modded Magic Keyboard Highlight Trying Trying Seasons 1–3 Recap Global Accessibility Awareness […]

Tadoº Announces New Range of Smart Heating Products Supporting Matter Over Thread

2024-05-22 06:27:32

Tadoº, the European-based smart heating company, has announced a new line of products called tadoº X. These products feature upgrades from the company’s previous V3+ range, support the new Matter smart home standard, and are built on the Thread protocol for a more reliable connection. Tadoº also announced a new product, the Heat Pump Optimizer […]

QuickTune: A Music Remote App for Mac with Tiger Vibes

2024-05-22 01:49:07

I’m not usually nostalgic about apps. I appreciate classic designs from the past, but I find ‘new’ more exciting. However, for every rule, there’s an exception, and for me, it’s Mario Guzmán’s beautiful, pixel-perfect reimagining of classic Apple music apps. Guzmán’s latest app is QuickTune, a remote control utility for Apple Music. The app is […]

I Turned the New 13” iPad Pro Into a MacPad and Portable Gaming Display

2024-05-21 23:00:10

The updated MacPad. As I hinted in my story on the issues of iPadOS last week, I upgraded from an 11” iPad Pro to a 13” iPad Pro (1 TB, Wi-Fi-only model). While I was very happy with the 11” form factor, I decided to return to the larger model for two reasons: I wanted to […]

Apple Rolls out Support for Paris Transit Passes in Wallet Just in Time for the Olympics

2024-05-21 20:20:51

Today, Apple rolled out support for Paris’ Navigo transit passes in the Wallet app, just in time for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Travelers are now able to acquire a Navigo pass directly from Apple’s Wallet app and load it with transit tickets. Not only that, but this now also makes it […]

The One Where Quinn Nelson Tries to Create a Window with iPadOS’ Stage Manager

2024-05-21 20:07:29

I’ve published my fair share of criticism regarding the iPadOS version of Stage Manager over the years. I wrote about it again last week, but most of its underlying issues date back to the original release in late 2022, which I documented here. But let’s say you don’t want to read my articles and would […]

A TestFlight Update: Patched, But Still Broken

2024-05-21 01:55:08

Just over a year ago, I wrote about the poor performance of TestFlight, the app that App Store developers rely on for beta testing their own apps. Today, thanks to a couple rounds of Feedback submissions, TestFlight is working better than before, but it’s not fixed. With WWDC around the corner, I thought I’d provide […]

AppStories, Episode 384 – Our 2024 iOS and iPadOS WWDC Wishes

2024-05-20 23:35:07

This week on AppStories, we kick off our annual WWDC wishes episodes with a conversation about the changes they’d like to see made to iOS and iPadOS 18. Sponsored by: Things: a beautiful native app for Apple Vision Pro. Our iOS and iPadOS 18 Wishes for WWDC Context: Our iOS 17 Wishes Our iPadOS 17 […]

MacStories Unwind: So, I Was Thinking About the iPad Pro…

2024-05-18 01:12:01

This week on MacStories Unwind, Federico proposes an iPad Pro experiment and he and I both recommend Steam Early Access games, one of which is also on iOS. This episode is sponsored by: Kolide – It ensures that if a device isn’t secure it can’t access your apps. It’s Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo now. […]

Magic Rays of Light: The Big Cigar, Palm Royale, and Apple’s Theatrical Strategy

2024-05-17 19:26:25

This week on Magic Rays of Light, Sigmund and Devon discuss Apple’s evolving theatrical film strategy, highlight the debut of The Big Cigar, and recap Palm Royale. Show Notes iPad Pro Reviews and Not-Reviews Not an iPad Pro Review: Why iPadOS Still Doesn’t Get the Basics Right AppStories: The Trouble with iPadOS Upgrade: Pros Are […]

Assassin’s Creed Shadows Is Coming to the Mac Day and Date with Consoles and Other Platforms

2024-05-16 05:49:58

Source: Ubisoft. Today, Ubisoft announced that the next major release in the Assasin’s Creed franchise, Shadows, will be released on November 15th on its Ubisoft+ service, PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S, Amazon Luna, and Apple silicon Macs via the Mac App Store. According to Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed Shadows will immerse players in 16th century Japan. The country […]


2024-05-16 02:33:27

PPSSPP. It’s been a big week for for emulators on iOS and iPadOS. It seems like yesterday when I was writing about Delta and being told ‘authoritatively’ online that it wouldn’t last. Yet here we are. Last weekend, Gamma, a Sony PS1 emulator, was released. The emulator quickly appeared in the top free charts on […]

Apple Marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a Preview of OS Features Coming Later This Year

2024-05-15 22:00:04

Source: Apple. Thursday is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and to mark the occasion, Apple has previewed several new accessibility features coming to its OSes later this year. Although this accessibility preview has become an annual affair, this year’s preview is more packed than most years, with a wide variety of features for navigating UIs, automating tasks, interacting […]

AppStories, Episode 383 – The Trouble with iPadOS

2024-05-15 19:28:02

This week on AppStories, we examine iPadOS and the ways it has failed to get the basics right. Sponsored by: Concepts – Sketch, Note, Draw. Celtreos – The shoot-em-up game with tiny ships, big weapons, waves of foes, power-ups and obstacles. AppStories+ Pre-Show MacStories’ ‘Let Loose’ event coverage MacStories Unwind: Federico Visits Medium Ben The […]

Ruminate, Episode 184 – The Rhythm of the Newsroom

2024-05-15 06:33:35

This week on Ruminate, snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS. Links and Show Notes Snacks Herr’s Carolina Reaper Flavoured Cheese Curls - 1oz (28.4g) - American Fizz The rack of KitKats WeblogPoMo #WeblogPoMo Why I spell my name with two Bs Apple’s 100 Best Albums list […]

The iPad Pro 2024 Manifesto

2024-05-14 21:09:39

There are so many parts of Steve’s iPad Pro manifesto I would quote here on MacStories, but I’m going to limit myself to just a couple of excerpts. What I like about this story is that it’s a balanced take on the limitations of iPadOS from the perspective of a developer, laid out in a […]

iPad Review Roundup: Cutting Edge Hardware and OS Frustrations

2024-05-14 19:40:42

Source: Apple. Late yesterday, iPad Air and Pro reviews were published, and I spent the evening reading and watching many of them, so I thought I’d share some highlights. At Six Colors, Jason Snell, who has used and reviewed iPads for years, brings an excellent perspective to Apple’s latest iPad Pro. Like Federico, Jason is […]

Not an iPad Pro Review: Why iPadOS Still Doesn’t Get the Basics Right

2024-05-14 05:00:04

Let me cut to the chase: sadly, I don’t have a new iPad Pro to review today on MacStories. I was able to try one in London last week, and, as I wrote, I came away impressed with the hardware. However, I didn’t get a chance to use a new iPad Pro over the past […]

AltStore’s Clip Is the Best Clipboard Manager on iOS Yet

2024-05-14 00:25:42

Last month, AltStore was finally made available on iOS for everyone living in the European Union. Not only does the first alternative app marketplace on iOS ship with the great Delta videogame emulator, but it also lets you install Clip, a clipboard manager unlike any other on the iPhone. The app’s uniqueness resides in the […]

Apple Music Debuts a 10-Day Countdown of the 100 Best Albums

2024-05-13 23:30:39

Apple Music kicked off a 10-day event today celebrating its newly-compiled list of the 100 Best Albums of all time. Apple’s press release explains that the list was created by: Apple Music’s team of experts alongside a select group of artists, including Maren Morris, Pharrell Williams, J Balvin, Charli XCX, Mark Hoppus, Honey Dijon, and […]

Voice Clones Have Crossed the Uncanny Valley [Sponsor]

2024-05-13 20:21:35

Now, don’t get offended, but – you aren’t as good at clocking deepfakes as you think you are.  And it’s not just you–nobody’s that good at it. Not your mom, or your boss, or anyone in your IT department.  To make matters worse, you probably think you can spot a fake. After all, you see […]

MacStories Unwind: Federico Visits Medium Ben

2024-05-10 18:58:32

This week on MacStories Unwind, Federico and I discuss how Apple crushed it at its iPad event, and Federico lets loose in London. Links and Show Notes Crushing It Apple’s Crush! ad Hugh Grant, Justine Bateman and More Slam Apple for iPad Pro ‘Crush’ Ad: ‘Truly, What Is Wrong With You?’ Apple’s New iPad Ad […]

Apple Apologizes for Crush! Video

2024-05-10 06:17:05

On Tuesday, Apple introduced its new iPad Pros with a video called Crush! that was meant to convey how much the device can do. The trouble was the way the video delivered the message, depicting musical instruments, books, a record player, paints, a TV, and many other creative tools being crushed by a hydraulic press. […]

Stu Maschwitz on the Filming of Apple’s Let Loose Event

2024-05-10 02:26:43

This week’s “Let Loose” Apple event was filmed on the iPhone and edited on the Mac and iPad. During the event, filmmaker Stu Maschwitz noticed that some scenes featured a shallower depth of field than is possible with the iPhone’s cameras. Although he doesn’t cite a source, Maschwitz says he figured out how Apple got […]

Apple Music Adds Shazam Radio Spins Charts and a New Industry Program

2024-05-10 00:16:54

Apple Music has launched Shazam Radio Spins, a new set of top chart playlists built by identifying music played by over 40,000 radio stations in over 200 countries and regions. The centerpiece of the new charts is the global Top 200 Radio Chart, which is updated daily. Shazam has also begun publishing charts for a […]

Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs Explains the iPad Pro’s Tandem OLED Screen and the M4 Chip

2024-05-09 08:03:02

Tandem OLED display panels were new to me when Apple mentioned them during the “Let Loose” event yesterday. I figured it was another marketing term like Ultra Retina XDR, but it’s not. As Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs explains in his excellent video, tandem OLED is a technology that stacks two OLED displays on top […]

Magic Rays of Light: Dark Matter and the iPad Let Loose

2024-05-09 01:44:57

This week on Magic Rays of Light, Sigmund and Devon break down all of the announcements from Apple’s Let Loose event, grade their event predictions, and highlight this week’s release of sci-fi series Dark Matter. Show Notes Highlight Dark Matter Let Loose Event Recap Apple Event: Let Loose Apple Announces New 11” and 13” iPad […]

Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive Announce an Upcoming Vision Pro Project Based on the ‘What If…?’ Series

2024-05-09 00:08:47

Source: The Walt Disney Company. Today, Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive announced What If…? – An Immersive Story for Disney+ subscriber on the Apple Vision Pro. What If…? is Marvel Studios’ animated series that considers what might occur if major events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe turned out differently. Drawing on the animated series, the […]

Apple’s May 2024 Let Loose Event: All The Small Things

2024-05-08 22:59:25

Apple’s presentation moved fast yesterday, and since the event concluded, more details have emerged about everything announced. We’ve been combing Apple’s product pages, social media, and other sources to learn more about everything announced, which we’ve collected below: Chance Miller of 9to5Mac, reporting based on a memo sent to Apple Store employees that Apple will […]