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Dataviz of the Month – May 2024

2024-05-14 17:10:25

Every month we pick and share some of our favourite infographics, visualisations and data stories. Here’s what we found in our work folders and around the web. CREATED BY US » The most controversial moderation decisions made by Facebook’s “Supreme Court” » Why the US Senate’s military aid boost for Ukraine is so crucial for […]

Most Common PIN numbers

2024-05-08 18:56:08

Chip and PIN card, phone passcode, hotel safe – how predictable is your chosen PIN number? 3.4 million data points visualized from several data breaches. Created by the late great Nick Berry of Data Genetics (redesigned and used with permission). He wrote a great data story around this which is also worth a read. Published […]

The Great Plastic Megagraphic

2024-05-03 04:32:04

Plastics are deeply woven into our societies, our supply chains, our lives, our possessions, even our bodies. Runaway plastic pollution and waste is the other great environmental crisis facing our civilisation. Unlike most plastics, it’s actually possible to break this global problem down into its constituent parts. Here in infographical form. That way, you can […]

Share Your Thoughts, Win One of Our Books!

2024-04-29 23:05:38

It’s our 15th anniversary this year and we’d love to hear about you: who you are, why you follow us, what you like, what you don’t, what you value and how you interact with us and anyone else in the infosphere. Yes, it’s a survey but a quick two minute one. Plus every 100th participant […]

New workshop dates. Rare in-person session. Introducing two half days format.

2024-04-23 23:02:44

We are announcing special workshops and trainings to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Coming up: A rare in-person session in LDN with IIB founder David McCandless (we do these once a year). A virtual workshop running on two half days and the regular full day session. Learn how to turn numbers, ideas & data into beautiful […]

Dataviz of the Month – March 2024

2024-04-09 02:03:34

Every month we pick and share some of our favourite infographics, visualisations and data stories. Here’s what we found in our work folders and around the web. CREATED BY US » Two Years of the Russia-Ukraine War – Key numbers. Casualties. Military spend. Foreign aid. » $$$Trillions – Vast spending figures plucked from news headlines. […]

UPDATE: Over 30 new LLMs added to our AI Large Language Model Tracker

2024-03-21 21:30:46

We’ve updated our interactive LLM tracker with 30 new and notable LLMs including Anthropic Claude 3, Twitter’s Grok, all Mistral’s offerings, Google Gemini Pro, Apple’s MM1 (finally!) and Chinese LLMs like DeepSeek, GLM-4 and Xinghuo 3.5. We’ve also flagged up soon-to-be-released LLMs such as OpenAI’s rumoured open source model G3PO, Amazon’s mighty Olympus, Meta’s Llama […]

ANNOUNCING: Some rare LIVE shows to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year

2024-03-15 22:18:00

To celebrate 15 years of Information is Beautiful this June, we’re hosting a series of rare and exclusive live performances in London, San Francisco, LA and potentially other cities – plus some virtual events for global timezones. IIB founder and TED speaker David McCandless will start the festivities by hitting the stage at the prestigious […]

Russia-Ukraine War – When information is NOT beautiful. Key numbers. Casualty figures. Military aid.

2024-03-08 16:50:04

Two years into the conflict this infographic data story reveals some of the harsh, hidden numbers around casualties, military budgets and foreign aid in the Russia-Ukraine war. In times of war, data is difficult to validate, information hard to find. We polled a variety of sources – institutes, traditional media, independent media, civic groups – […]

Meta vs. Meta – How Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court’ modulates the company’s content moderation.

2024-02-14 01:34:53

An interactive visualisation of all the cases and decisions Meta’s Oversight Board has taken between 2020 and today.  The semi-independent ‘Supreme Court’ deals with controversial content-moderation issues on Facebook and Instagram. Hate speech. Promotion of dangerous organisations Misinformation on important topics. The 20 members of the board have selected just 78 cases from over 1.3m […]