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Put Up Or Shut Up

2024-07-17 04:26:39

I feel like the tech industry is currently in the midst of the most bizarre cognitive dissonance I've ever seen — more so than the metaverse, even — as company after company simply lies about their intentions and the power of AI. 

I get it. Everybody wants

Pop Culture

2024-07-09 01:12:49

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I did an entire episode

The Shareholder Supremacy

2024-07-02 01:09:57

I promise you, everything that's happening makes sense. It all feels so chaotic, so utterly, offensively stupid, so disconnected from reality that it's hard to understand how Meta can run a terrible company with decaying services that's also wildly profitable, or how Meta, Microsoft

Let Tim Cook

2024-06-18 00:41:38

Last week, Apple announced “Apple Intelligence,” a suite of features coming to iOS 18 (the next version of the iPhone’s software) in a presentation that FastCompany called “uninspired,” Futurism called “boring,” and Axios claimed “failed to excite investors.” 


Silicon Valley's False Prophet

2024-06-12 00:41:05

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The Rot-Com Bubble

2024-06-04 01:50:51

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The noxious growth-at-all-costs mindset of the Rot Economy sits at the core of every issue that I've ever written about. It’

We're Watching Facebook Die

2024-05-29 01:10:00

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In the first quarter of 2024, Meta made $36.45 billion dollars - $12.37 billion dollars of which was pure profit. Though the company no longer reports daily active users, it now uses another metric: “family daily

Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit

2024-05-22 00:43:47

Note: In my last newsletter, I said that my next post would be the second part of my Facebook autopsy. Don’t worry, that’s still coming, but given the recent drama between Sam Altman, OpenAI, and Scarlett Johansson, I felt the need to write something. Don’

The People Deliberately Killing Facebook

2024-05-21 00:34:03

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Over the last decade, few platforms have declined quite as rapidly and visibly as Facebook and Instagram. What used to be apps for catching up with your friends and family are now

Expectations Versus Reality

2024-05-14 01:29:07

A few months ago, OpenAI showed off “Sora,” a product that can generate videos based on a short prompt, much like ChatGPT does for text or DALL-E does for images, and I asked myself a pretty simple question:

"...how can someone actually make something useful out of

Rabbit Holed

2024-05-06 23:52:05

Thank you to Emily Shepherd for her hard work reporting parts of this story, as well as her assistance clarifying details related to GAMA and finding company documents related to Rabbit and Cyber Manufacture.   

In November 2021, a company called Cyber Manufacture Co raised $6 million for

Managing Up

2024-04-30 01:45:01

Over the last two newsletters (three, if you include my reply to Google’s “rebuttal” of the Prabhakar Raghavan newsletter), I’ve made the case that while rot economics are responsible for making technology products manifestly worse, this transformation was only possible thanks to the interventions

In Response To Google

2024-04-26 07:36:43

Google has chosen to send a response to my article to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable. Here is my response.

(1) On the March 2019 core update claim in the piece: This is baseless speculation. The March 2019 core update was designed to improve the quality of our search

The Man Who Killed Google Search

2024-04-24 00:24:21

Wanna listen to this story instead? Check out this week's Better Offline podcast, "The Man That Destroyed Google Search," available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

This is the story of how Google Search died, and the people responsible for killing

They're Looting The Internet

2024-04-16 02:57:36

Last week, Meta revealed (in a motion trying to dismiss an FTC anti-monopoly lawsuit) that Instagram made an astonishing $32.4 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. That figure becomes even more shocking when you consider Google's YouTube made $28.8 billion in the same period. Bloomberg reports