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curl for QNX

2024-07-05 15:57:34

Starting now, there are official curl releases for QNX hosted on the curl.se website. See https://curl.se/qnx. QNX is a commercial real-time operating system and these curl release packages are produced as a result of a business arrangement. The plan is to from now on ship curl tarballs for three different QNX versions, and each archive … Continue reading curl for QNX

wcurl is here

2024-07-04 05:29:38

Users tell us that remembering what curl options to use when they just want to download the contents of a URL is hard. This is one often repeated reason why some users reach for wget instead of curl on the command line. It downloads the data from the URL without you needing to provide any … Continue reading wcurl is here

long term curl versions

2024-06-27 16:22:09

In the curl project we ship new releases based on the master branch of our git repository, in a clean and linear commit history. We have never maintained an old branch for long term or stability etc. Instead we promise to not break user behavior nor the ABI or API. All users should be able … Continue reading long term curl versions

Inside 22,734 Steam games

2024-06-20 19:12:59

About a year ago I blogged about games that use curl. In that post I listed a bunch of well-known titles I knew use curl and there was a list of 136 additional games giving credit to curl. Kind of amazing that over one hundred games decided to use curl! At the time, lots of … Continue reading Inside 22,734 Steam games

curl user survey 2024 analysis

2024-06-17 22:38:16

As tradition dictates, I have spent many hours walking through the responses to the curl user survey of the year. I have sorted tables, rendered updated graphs and tried to wrap my head around what all these numbers might mean and what conclusions and lessons we should draw. I present the results, the collected answers, … Continue reading curl user survey 2024 analysis

Why curl closes PRs on GitHub

2024-06-11 18:00:46

Contributors to the curl project on GitHub tend to notice the above sequence quite quickly: pull requests submitted do not generally appear as “merged” with its accompanying purple blob, instead they are said to be “closed”. This has been happening since 2015 and is probably not going to change anytime soon. Let me explain why … Continue reading Why curl closes PRs on GitHub

HTTP/3 in curl mid 2024

2024-06-10 18:49:08

Time for another checkup. Where are we right now with HTTP/3 support in curl for users? I think curl’s situation is symptomatic for a lot of other HTTP tools and libraries. HTTP/3 has been and continues to be a much tougher deployment journey than HTTP/2 was. curl supports four alternative HTTP/3 solutions You can enable … Continue reading HTTP/3 in curl mid 2024

bye bye hosting c-ares web

2024-06-07 04:28:28

At some point during 2003, my friend Bjørn Reese (from Dancer) and I were discussing back and forth and planning to maybe create our own asynchronous DNS/name resolver library. We felt that the synchronous APIs provided by gethostname() and getaddrinfo() were too limiting in for example curl. We could really use something that would not … Continue reading bye bye hosting c-ares web

My BDFL guiding principles

2024-05-27 14:09:03

The thing about me being a BDFL for curl is that it has the D in there. I have the means and ability to push for or veto just about anything I like or don’t like in the project, should I decide to. In my public presentations about curl I emphasize that I truly try … Continue reading My BDFL guiding principles

Google Peer Bonus number five

2024-05-24 14:43:22

It is not quite a gold medal, but it is now the fifth time I have the honor of receiving a Google Open Source Peer Bonus. I might soon start to think I have some fans over there. There is a monetary component to this bonus. Last time it was to the amount of 500 … Continue reading Google Peer Bonus number five