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Verified curl

2024-04-10 15:54:42

Don’t trust. Verify. Here follows a brief description on how you can detect if the curl package would ever make an xz. xz (and its library liblzma) was presumably selected as a target because it is an often used component and by extension via systemd it often used by openssh in several Linux distros. libcurl … Continue reading Verified curl

10,000 bugfixes in 10,000 days

2024-03-29 23:17:57

We keep track of bugfixes done to curl. All bugfixes ever done. A while back I also went back and populated the lists with details from all the releases to the pre-cursors of curl: httpget and urlget. All and every change made since November 1996. The bugfixes are all listed on the curl changelog page. … Continue reading 10,000 bugfixes in 10,000 days

curl 8.7.0 and 8.7.1

2024-03-27 15:00:08

Numbers the 255th and 256th releases5 changes56 days (total: 9,504)162 bug-fixes (total: 10,050)246 commits (total: 31,931)0 new public libcurl function (total: 93)0 new curl_easy_setopt() option (total: 304)0 new curl command line option (total: 258)92 contributors, 56 new (total: 3,133)37 authors, 15 new (total: 1,252)4 security fixes (total: 155) Versions I first released 8.7.0, but immediately … Continue reading curl 8.7.0 and 8.7.1

curl distro report

2024-03-26 00:03:31

On March 21 2024 we had a curl distro meeting where people from at least ten different distros and curl project members had a video meeting and talked curl and distro related topics for a while. Here is my summary of what we talked about and concluded. Attendees We had about 25 persons attending. At … Continue reading curl distro report

curl turns 26 today

2024-03-20 15:13:58

years++; It feels like it was not very long ago that we had the big curl 25 year celebrations. I still have plenty of fluid left in my 25 year old whiskey from last year and I believe I will treat myself a drink from that tonight. I have worked on curl full-time and spare … Continue reading curl turns 26 today

getting started with libcurl

2024-03-18 21:33:07

I am doing another webinar on March 28 2024, introducing newcomers to how to Internet transfers using the libcurl API. Starting at 10am Pacific time. 17:00 UTC. 18:00 CET. Agenda The plan is to spend about 30 minutes going through the topics in the agenda and then take as long as necessary to let the … Continue reading getting started with libcurl

the Apple curl security incident 12604

2024-03-09 05:51:18

tldr: Apple thinks it is fine. I do not. On December 28 2023, bugreport 12604 was filed in the curl issue tracker. We get a lot issues filed most days so this fact alone was hardly anything out of the ordinary. We read the reports, investigate, ask follow-up questions to see what we can learn … Continue reading the Apple curl security incident 12604

curl’s built-in manual without nroff

2024-03-07 20:40:49

On December 14 1998 we released curl 5.2. The project was still early back then and lots of things had not settled yet. In that release, which came only two weeks after 5.1, we introduced the --manual option, or -M for short. Long before I started working on curl I learnt to value and appreciate … Continue reading curl’s built-in manual without nroff

curl HTTP/3 security audit

2024-02-23 23:14:30

An external security audit focused especially on curl’s HTTP/3 components and associated source code was recently concluded by Trail of Bits. In particular on the HTTP/3 related curl code that uses and interfaces the ngtcp2 and nghttp3 libraries, as that is so far the only HTTP/3 backend in curl that is not labeled as experimental. … Continue reading curl HTTP/3 security audit

18K commits

2024-02-22 15:40:03

It took me 422 days to do my most recent 1,000 commits in the curl source code repository. Now at 18,001 commits. This is the most recent.