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All you have to do is look

2024-06-18 19:05:00

“Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. And if you really wanna see what people are, all you have to do is look.” | Auggie, Wonder

6 photographers, 1 man

2024-06-17 19:33:00

Canon conducted a fascinating experiment recently. They asked 6 photographers to shoot a portrait of one man. The twist was that each photographer was told something different about the man’s background – he was a fisherman, an alcoholic, a millionaire, a convict, a lifesaver, and a psychic. Michael, of course, was none of these things. … Continue reading 6 photographers, 1 man

The Ikea toolbox

2024-06-16 19:30:00

We bought the $10 Ikea toolbox 8 or so years ago. Its impact continues to amaze me. With the addition of an electric screwdriver, this toolbox has helped assemble and disassemble pieces of furniture and fix various issues around the home. These tools don’t solve every issue around the home – the more challenging the … Continue reading The Ikea toolbox

Two questions

2024-06-15 19:39:00

Once we dig deep enough on the why behind our actions, all answers that come back tend to be a result of a conscious or unconscious answer to two questions – What game are you playing? How will you measure your life?

Outcome, optimizations, and measures

2024-06-14 19:09:00

If you aren’t actively spending time and energy optimizing toward an outcome, don’t be surprised when someone else is getting said outcome as a result of time they’ve spent optimizing toward it. For the most part, outcomes – good and bad – are a result of our processes. Our processes, in turn, are a result … Continue reading Outcome, optimizations, and measures

Not what but how

2024-06-13 19:09:00

“It’s remarkable how often the real problem is not what happened, but how it was communicated.” | James Clear  This resonated.

Gift and grit

2024-06-12 19:30:00

“Most of the time, it isn’t about having a gift. It is about having grit.” | Roger Federer’s commencement address at Dartmouth College I watched Federer’s warm and humorous commencement address and noticed he made the point about overcoming fierce competition and hard moments multiple times. He started by sharing that his effortless style is … Continue reading Gift and grit

Don’t fish in muddy waters

2024-06-11 19:52:00

I first heard and wrote about this idea a year ago and have found myself repeating it many times since – both for the benefit of others and as reminders to self. It is tempting to find ourselves over-reacting when faced with change. Change often heightens our insecurities and those insecurities often have us reaching … Continue reading Don’t fish in muddy waters

The excuse and extenuating circumstance

2024-06-10 19:15:00

We’ve been working with a personal trainer since the beginning of the year. An observation I had as we started our latest session is that I, nearly always, have had a readymade excuse for either not showing up or not completing the session as planned. These weren’t lame excuses either. They’ve been some combination of … Continue reading The excuse and extenuating circumstance

Young and Old

2024-06-09 19:26:00

The simplest way to be young is to walk around with curiosity. Youth and energy flow from curiosity and a willingness to experiment. The flip side is also true. The simplest way to be old is to walk around resisting new experiences and learning. Age is just a number.